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Doris Chow


As an award holder of the MSFHR Research Trainee Award (2019), my current research focuses on developing and validating a test on motion sensitivity using naturally-occurring oculomotor tracking behavior. This behavior can be potentially applied to study visual motion processing in developmental, aging and patient populations. This test allows a quick and objective assessment of our ability to perceive motion, an ability often taken for granted but is crucial to many daily tasks like driving. I am interested in extending this paradigm to study motion processing under a multisensory context, e.g., when and how does a moving auditory signal facilitate visual motion perception. I am also interested in developing other studies that use eye movement as a proxy of cognitive and perceptual processing.

Prior to UBC, I studied multisensory processing between vision, audition, and touch using psychophysics, electroencephalography and pupillometry. Some questions that I am interested in are: (1) what sensory inputs go together (e.g., how adults and children make association between abstract visual/tactile shapes and sounds; PhD dissertation project), (2) how factors like stimulus salience modulate sensory integration, and (3) what happens when two senses, not integrated, compete for resources, and how experiences like musical training modulate the distribution of resources across the senses.


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Note: I publish under my official name which is Hiu Mei Chow. For conference abstract/proceedings, please check out my personal website.

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