Visual Performance & Oculomotor Mobility Lab

Jolande Fooken, M.Sc. (Aachen Univ., Germany), M.Sc. (UBC, Canada)


Making rapid and accurate predictions about the outcome of a dynamic system is important to facilitate perception and action. For example, the ability to predict the trajectory of a pitched baseball critically determines successful performance of the hitter. To make an accurate prediction about the visual event, the player will use sensory information and prior knowledge about the game to recognize cues like ball speed, type of pitch, or entrance point into the strike zone. Accumulating sensory- and experience-based knowledge will generate the decision of whether, where, and when to swing. My research focusees on identifying the underlying low-level mechanisms of such predictive processes. To address these questions I use state-of-the art head-fixed eye tracking combined with 3D hand movement tracking in the laboratory environment. Furthermore, I plan to use unrestricted wireless eye-tracking glasses combined with full body tracking in the real world.


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